Data Center

Data centers contain very sensitive information of an organization, and thus they need Data Center to be well protected to ensure the security of such important assets. To prevent key data being compromised, you need a highly accurate security solutions that is built to ensure only authorized personnel to have access to your facilities.

Our Oryggi Manager biometric access control solutions offer the most secure way to protect your data, where you can manage the access to all the racks and assigned users.

  • Multimode User Authentication(Card , Pin , Bio)
  • Access Rights per rack or Group of Rack
  • Status of all the racks Open/Closed
  • Duplicate Check Alert on Blacklist or unauthorized user access attempt
  • Integration with FAS
  • Reporting of all the Access & MIS
  • Rack Open time Limit
  • Company wise Rack & Access Management
  • Access Validation with Active directory

Workflow at user level


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