EVIBiosoft software developed for detecting & eliminating the duplicates from the system. The hybrid architecture is opted for this solution which includes a Centralized Server and Local server to adress connectivity issues in the remote areas.

EVIBiosoft software consist following modules:


  • Capture of the Fingerprints (4-10) 
  • Mark Exceptions (Bandaged, Not Capturing & Amputated)

Real Time De-Duplication Check

  • Application shows duplicated User previously stored in the DB 


  • Identification (1:N)
  • Verification (1:1)
  • Manual Check (Admin bypass)

It is also enabled with Face API which can perform face template generation, matching and de-duplication at server. It also enables existing user/employee/visitor databases with their photograph for de-duplication purposes and eventually weed out the duplicates.

EVIBiosoft software consist following modules:

Use cases:

  • Charitable schools, colleges & universities
  • NGOs
  • Subsidy programs
  • E-commerce Distribution Network (Blacklisting of workers)
  • Factories (Contract Labours)



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