SIGMA RANGE - Contact fingerprint access control devices
post image SIGMA RANGE is a multi-device family for fingerprint access control and time & attendance recording. Building upon IDEMIA’s successes in biometrics, SIGMA devices offer unprecedented accuracy, reliability and cost-effective solutions for leveraging biometric security within private or public organizations.

MorphoAccess® VP - Multimodal finger vein and fingerprint access control terminal
post image MorphoAccess® VP by IDEMIA brings for the first time the benefits of the finger vein/fingerprint multimodal technology to your physical access control systems, in any kind of environment.

MorphoWave™ Compact - Contactless access everywhere
post image MorphoWave™ Compact is a unique solution for frictionless fingerprint access control. This masterpiece of engineering delivers the awardwinning, field-proven performance of MorphoWave™ contactless 3D fingerprint scanning technology in a stylish and compact casing, suitable for any location.

VisionPass - The ultimate facial recognition access control device
post image VisionPass is the newest addition to IDEMIA’s range of frictionless biometric access control devices, and the most powerful facial recognition device in the market. Elaborated in collaboration with partners and end-users, this robust and reliable device provides near-motion 1-second verification through multiple angles and in all light conditions, and is resistant to all kinds of spoofing attempts.

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