Mobile & Tablet Applications

An android based tablet application which can be used during emergency situations.

It keeps  real time attendance data of employees sync with the server, whether they are inside or outside of the premises building.

In case any incident occurs , these employees can gather in a safe zone and mark themselves SAFE using their biometric/IDs(Fingerprint/Cards) in their tablets.

UNSAFE employees can be rescued by the authority.

Emergency Application (Tablet)

Mobile & Tablet Applications


Geopoint is mobile-based application enabling us to mark attendance under geofenced area. It captures Latitude & Longitude along with employee's face. It  creates logs in the application ,where we can get our daily attendance marked.

GeoPoint features: 

Employee Attendance

Geofence the Area

Employee's geolocation

Sales executives meeting locations

Meeting location pic upload

Face upload & Face verification

Mobile & Tablet Applications

Oryggi Manager Tab (OMTab)

OMTab runs on any Mobile/Tablet device and can be setup in selfie mode. The solution is designed to bring transpirancy in attendance process and helps to make employees accountable. 

The supported modalities are : 



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Solution Overview : 

Oryggi Manager Tab (OMTab)

Enrolment – Photograph, Finger & Face : 

Oryggi Manager Tab (OMTab)

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