OT-Biologon – Enterprise Biometric Authentication

OT-Biologon is a high-performance password management, biometric authentication, Data Center solution integrated with Microsoft Active Directory, which allows you to increase security level and reduce password management costs. 

OT-Biologon is ideal solution for companies who are looking to secure their networks against bad password practices among users as well as lowering their support costs for resetting passwords and dealing with unauthorized access.

Our Oryggi manager comes with effective features /solutions to shield your data centers and enhance the security of your organization.

  • Replace insecure passwords with fingerprints
  • Reduce Helpdesk calls (costing ~$100/user/annum)
  • Protect data from unauthorized access and insider threats

Enterprise Fingerprint Login

  • PC/domain, corporate apps & websites
  • Biometric or two-factor authentication to Windows OS
  • PC locking and unlocking
  • User access to the network resources

Centralized User management

  • Centralized management of user’s rights, policies and credentials right from Oryggi Manager

Centralized Reporting

  • Extract, Export all the Client and Server Login & Logout Logs
  • Comprehensive Dashboard to show current status of the employees

Strong Multifactor Authentication

  • Fingerprints & passwords

Biometric Data Security

  • Fingerprint templates are encrypted with SSL (AES256).
  • No RAW image of fingerprint stored in DB during enrolment

Supported readers

  • MSO 1300 E3/MSO 300
  • No RAW image of fingerprint stored in DB during enrolment

OT-Biologon Return on Investment (ROI)

OT-Biologon provides a great ROI by solving some of the most expensive and time-consuming password-related problems:

  • Reduces Help Desk calls
  • Simplifies the end user work (No need to remember password)
  • Makes corporate network and application security stronger
  • Quick access using biometrics to data and apps

OT-Biologon – Enterprise Biometric Authentication

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