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visitor Management System

Rapid growth of globalization has led to attraction of a large number of visitors in the organizations on a daily basis. These visitors include suppliers, customers, potential new hires, sales representatives, guests, government officers, employees’ relatives and sometime completely unknown people. One of the critical challenges for any organization is efficient and thorough checking of every visitor entering the premises. For overall safety and enhanced security of an organization, it is essential to maintain records of all incoming and outgoing personals. Companies have various kinds of visitors wherein few might be occasional while few will be regular or frequent visitors. Furthermore, manual entry of visitor data only adds to the challenge, leading to an error prone database. Hence, the manual entry of visitors must be replaced with an automated system. To overcome this challenge, OryggiTech Visitor Management is designed to address these concerns in a very professional and systematic method without compromising security, hospitality or productivity. OryggiTech Visitor Management Module automates the entire process of registering a visitor, printing a pass and capturing detailed information in a few seconds.

Challenges in Visitors Management

  • Authentic records are not maintained for visitor entry
  • Can’t determine headcount within premises in emergency situations
  • Can’t filter visitor information for manual record keeping
  • The paper log, and hand-written visitor badges, presents a poor image visitors and communicates a message of lax security

Why OryggiTech Visitor Management system

The American Payroll Association estimates that as much as 5 minutes per employee per day are lost due to employee time theft. Upasthiti® time and attendance solution helps you reduce time theft by applying rounding rules and restricting schedules, as well as eliminating buddy punching when using Upasthiti® biometric time clocks.

Why OryggiTech Solutions?

Visitors can come anytime and front desk of your enterprise should be in readiness to greet and track their activity within your premises. Oryggi Solution is the answer to all their visitor management woes. Oryggi Software is a reliable and cost effective Visitor Management Software Solution that enables an organization to manage and track visitors throughout its facilities. Our module enables process to welcome & manage incoming / outgoing visitor’s, both planned or

Key Features:

  • Visitor Pre-registration Using Web Portal
    • Pre-register the Visitor with Details Like Name, Time and Purpose
    • Automates Visitor Entry System
  • Visitor Information
    • Record a Visitor’s Personal, Official and Visit Information
    • Capture Photo and Signature of Visitor
  • Frequent Visitors
    • Keeps record of all the visitors and allows to pull up information from past records
    • Eliminate the need for data re-entry to prepare visitor pass quickly
  • Visitor Pass Creation
    • Creation of E-pass or Paper Pass with Access Rights for a Visitor
    • Customized Pass with Details like Visitor Name, Photograph and Organization Name
  • Visitor Access
    • Selective areas accessible for Visitors
    • Protection of Valuable Assets from Snooping
  • Blocked Visitor
    • Add Specific Visitors to “Blocked Visitors’ List”
    • Prevents Unwanted People from Entering the Premises in Future
  • Notifications
    • Send SMS to Visitor when Host Pre-registers him/her
    • Send Notification to Host when a Visitor Check-in to the Premises
  • Visitor Dashboard
    • Live Dashboard gives a Quick Overview of All Visitors in a Graphical Format
    • Information like Status of Visitor Passes, Pre-registered Visitors, New
  • Desktop based VMS Application
    • User Friendly Software for Visitor Management with Live Dashboard
    • For Security Staff to Manage Visitors from the Dashboard
  • Visitor Escort
    • Displays an Option to Select an Escort for every Visitor
    • Visitor Needs to Show Credential in a Specified Time Period to Gain Entry
  • Surrender Pass
    • Visitor Surrenders Pass after Visit
    • List of Expired Passes and not Surrendered gets Displayed
  • Visitor Reports
    • Reports in Various File Formats like PDF, CSV, Excel, Word, RTF
    • Reports like Visitor Pass Validity Status and Visitor Punch Details

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