Visitor Management System

Now a days, Large number of organizations require visitors on daily basis. These visitors Visitor Management Systeminclude customers, sales representatives, guests, government officers, potential new job candidates’ ,suppliers, relatives and sometime completely unknown people.

These are the major challenges for any organization checking of every visitor entering the premises every minute. It is important to maintain records of all incoming and outgoing personals. Different visitors from various locations visit, wherein few might be occasional while few will be regular or frequent visitors.

Manually entering the visitor data only adds to the challenge, leads to an error prone database. To overcome this challenge, OryggiTech Visitor Management System is designed to address these concerns in a very professional and systematic method without compromising security, hospitality or productivity.

Module automates the entire process of enrolling the visitor, printing a pass and capturing detailed information in a few seconds.

Solution Overview

Visitor Management System



Touchless Check-In with QR Code

Message and alerts

Visitor Reports

Temperature screening

Supported Tokens: Paper Pass, QR code , Cards and Biometrics

Real time dashboards

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